Ever wondered who’s behind your favorite game?


Andrew is a mathematician, programmer, and Go player, but above all else, the composer of the Lenna’s Inception soundtrack. In preparation for this crowning achievement, he has been making (self-published) electronic/rock music for over a decade, with an audience of at least 5 people.

Andrew also works as a university lecturer, just in case his career as a rockstar game music composer doesn’t take off.

His favourite colour is blue, he likes all kinds of cider but is also partial to a good wheat beer, and he always chooses the pumpkin. It’s like, the best pet.

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Tom runs Bytten Studio from his home in Cambridge, England. He’s approximately 70% coder, 20% nascent pixel artist, 10% coffee and beer.

Besides developing Lenna’s Inception, Tom also has a pretty good day job in software development and is learning 日本語. He enjoys long bike rides and playing obscure indie games. Sometimes he starts using American English spelling with no real reason to.

Tom thinks the color blue is pretty cool, but pumpkin orange will always be superior.

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