Beta4 out now – bears, blacksmith, story and pet evolution

September 16, 2014 in Announcements by Tom

Lenna’s Inception version 0.5 (beta4) is live. Get it from the usual place.

As per usual, in order to access most of the new features you’ll need to visit the starving artists’ house in the town and speak to the NPC inside to regenerate your maps. This won’t cause you to lose any progress.

What’s new


  • Random ursine (i.e. bear) NPCs have been added.

  • The shopkeeper is now an ursine person at the start. The shop is taken over by the human shopkeeper halfway through the game.
  • The ursine blacksmith Rupert has been added. (GIF)
  • The Damascus Katana is no longer found in a dungeon. You must do the blacksmith’s quest to get it.
  • More story-line and cutscenes have been added (roughly 50% complete now).

  • The chicken pet will now evolve when given a certain item. (GIF)
  • There’s a slightly modified cutscene inside the palace if you find the prince before visiting there.
  • There is new music:
    • On the game over screen
    • When you use the Missinglasses
    • In the town and inside certain buildings
    • In the palace
    • By the sea
    • (Some of these require you to regenerate your map by visiting the starving artists’ house.)
  • There are new transitions between tracks in some places:
    • When you enter a boss’s chamber, the dungeon music fades out.
    • In the overworld, most tracks don’t swap immediately, but only after the current one has finished.
    • Temporarily switching into the glitch or victory music will no longer cause the previous track that was playing to reset and start from the beginning.
  • The lost library books “Tursiops Sapiens” and “Ursus Sapiens” have been written.

Bugs fixed:

  • NPC and pet AI has been improved to hop over the fewest obstacles necessary to reach the required tile.
  • Roads no longer disappear under obstacles (and avoid going under walls and obstacles where possible).
  • A bug causing randomized NPCs to sometimes sell “Urine Tunics” has been fixed. (There are meant to be urine potions around, but not tunics. It’s one of the few potion-only effects.)
  • A bug causing the virtual screen to sometimes (rarely) move permanently from its usual central location is believed to be fixed.


  • Tunics appear as random drops more frequently.
  • The secret room in the library has moved.
  • Roads are better designed now. Rather than go everywhere, they tend to hint at the way to go. Going off-road is more likely to get you interesting loot, however.