Beta6 – Secret laboratories, and fighting back against the bankers

October 28, 2014 in Announcements by Tom

Lenna’s Inception version 0.6 (beta6) is live. Get it from the usual place. (There was no beta5, I’m just doing a Windows 9.)

As per usual, in order to access most of the new features you’ll need to visit the starving artists’ house in the town and speak to the NPC inside to regenerate your maps. This won’t cause you to lose any progress.

By the way: I’m going to be giving at talk about procedural generation at the start of #procjam on the 8th of November. Tickets have already sold out for attending in person, but the talks will be streamed online! Check the website and @procjam to keep up to date on the details for that.


I strongly encourage you to take part in the jam as well if you’re curious. I’m really looking forward to it!

What’s New


  • New story-line character Delvin is introduced during the “save the prince” quest.
  • More story-line content occurs after completing the “bring Rupert peace & quiet” quest, including:
    • A laboratory location.
    • A new NPC.
    • Progression in the main arc pursuing the Archangel that killed Lenna’s students.

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  • Unfriendly guards in the main town.
  • New boss fight at the current end of the story-line content. This is the penultimate boss fight, so the final boss is still yet to be added.


Bugs fixed:

  • Pet corpses should now always be somewhere reachable by the player after the pet has died.
  • Wearing the speed tunic or using the speed potions no longer allows you to run straight over holes and water without falling.
  • The chicken boss no longer gets stuck on walls.
  • Slime babies created by the slime boss no longer get stuck on walls.
  • If you encountered the kitty boss as one of the first three bosses in beta4 it would have been impossible to deflect its fireballs with your sword. This has now been fixed.
  • There’s a bug causing keyboard input to be lost after going fullscreen on Mac OS X. I’ve added a workaround that should fix this.
  • Pets low on health now return to the screen when the enemies in the room have been killed or when there’s a heart available.


  • The knight boss fight has been reworked.
  • Text for the whistle has been modified to clarify that you do already need to have a pet before it’s any use.
  • The effect of the Missinglasses item is now automatically disabled when the item is unequipped.
  • A few dungeon tiles have been tweaked for better legibility in dark color-schemes.
  • The text that appears when you pick up a lost library book item has been improved to tell you how many you’ve found so far.
  • Items Lenna has a full stack of won’t appear as drops quite as often.
  • The version number is now included in the crash log, which will help with bug reporting.
  • The cursor is now hidden in fullscreen mode.
  • The effect of the Frugal and Undead potions/tunics is explained in a brief text box after you use them for the first time.
  • Mr Cuddles’s (kitty boss) pattern of attacks has been made slightly easier to anticipate.
  • Random item drops now do not always re-drop from the sky when you enter the screen again.
  • In the “Rescue the prince” quest, an extra hint is dropped that you need to return to the palace after finding him.
  • The triggers for the tutorial screens have been adjusted so that things make more sense in your first overworld playthrough.