New purchases enabled & beta7a available – caves, biomes, bicycle, …

January 29, 2015 in Announcements, VAT by Tom

It’s been a tense month trying to figure out my response to the new EU VAT rules, but in the end Leaf, operator of came to the rescue! now offers the option of handling VAT for indie developers, which is really awesome! 🙂

You can buy Lenna’s Inception on

And finally, finally, I can release beta7 to you today, which includes these lovely new features:

  • The autumn biome has been added.
  • The graveyard biome has been added.
  • Randomized caves have been added to the overworld.
  • An obtainable bicycle has been added. This can be used for fast travel by selecting it on the inventory screen.

  • The coffee break challenge has been added. This is a short (~10 minutes) challenge mode on a single dungeon with a random ruleset from the other challenges. There is no online leaderboard for this.
  • The daily challenge has been added. This is like the coffee break challenge, but based on a standardized per-day seed shared between all players. The leaderboard for this challenge is cleared at the end of the day.

  • New music has been added to the laboratory and the nuclear dungeons.
  • New music has been added to mountain biomes.
  • A new story line chapter has been added to the graveyard area.
  • A new building has been added to the town: the Church of N’GHA.