Patch v1.0.10

March 29, 2020 in New Version by Tom

Hi folks, hope you’re all keeping safe! I haven’t left my flat or spoken to another human being in two weeks, but there’s nothing new about that 🙂

Luckily, the way we prefer to work at Bytten Studio is remotely, so we’re still mostly unaffected at this stage. In fact we’ve been working on something very exciting that I hope will provide some of that positive news we all so desperately need. We’ll be sharing that with you soon!

In the meantime, patch v1.0.10 is on the way out. Here’s what it contains:


  • Removed a trademarked term from one of the books.
  • Fixed a cause of ever-growing memory usage. (And the memory limit has also been raised in case there are other ‘leaks’ that haven’t been reported yet.)
  • Fixed a crash that could occur if input rapidly oscillates while talking to a pet.
  • Fixed an exploit that would allow a player to clear the cheat-indicating ‘C’ next to their timer.

Update Plans

The v1.1 update we announced in the last post is still on the way and planned for this Summer. As a reminder, here are the features we have planned for it:

  • A “New Game+” mode
  • New enemies
  • New biomes
  • New items
  • Manual seed entry for challenges
  • Spoiler log generation (for story mode speedrunning)
  • Improved moddability

Many of these are already at least partially implemented! We’ll be sharing more details about them in a blog post prior to starting an open beta for the update in the Summer. Follow us on twitter to stay tuned in, or join the discussion on Discord!