Patch v1.0.7

January 28, 2020 in New Version by Tom

Hi folks, a new patch is on the way out! Here’s what it contains:


  • Added an optional in-game timer to story mode to aid with speedrunning. See below for details
  • Made the positions and types of enemies spawned by the hallucination potion deterministic. On the same screen and the same seed, the same enemies will always spawn in the same positions


  • A few users have reported an inability to launch the game on their machine. I’ve made some internal changes to the way the game starts that will hopefully resolve the issue, or if not, to at least log some additional information that will help track down the cause of the problem
  • Fixed the cave music not looping correctly in 32-bit mode
  • Fixed the perfect ending final boss fight locking up if you go into it with the hover effect on
  • Black bars are now drawn along the side of the screen in ultrawide resolutions to avoid spoiling the locations of hidden rooms
  • Fixed out-of-date dialogue in the Hallucinatory Battle Arena — there are 9 rounds, not 11
  • Fixed a certain item breaking when using speedrun tricks to skip memory cutscenes


  • Fixed a dungeon generator bug that caused water to sometimes be placed on the edge of a screen where you’re not guaranteed to have the swimming shorts, potentially causing the player to be trapped there until death
  • Fixed the temporary files the game creates not getting erased on Windows
  • Removed an unintentionally bombable wall from a certain secret area

About the new story mode timer

Story mode has a new timer that can be enabled in the options screen. This was provided for players who want to speed run the story, but exclude the time spent generating maps from their time.

There are a few caveats about what specifically it includes and excludes to be aware of:

  1. The timer excludes time spent generating maps
  2. The timer is actually counting frames instead of time, so you might notice some drift versus wall-clock time
  3. The timer excludes time spent in menus, dialogs and the map
  4. Despite excluding the time spent in dialogs, it still includes time spent in cutscenes (however cutscenes are generally independent of player input so this won’t affect relative rankings, etc.)
  5. It doesn’t currently record your time upon completion of the game, but this is something we can add in future. For now you’ll need to make a note of your time yourself

Depending on feedback, we’ll make further improvements to it in future.

If you’re interested in speed running Lenna’s Inception, join our Discord server! There’s a lot of discussion around its speedrun potential right now, among other topics.

That’s all for now!