Patch v1.0.9

February 28, 2020 in New Version by Tom

Hi folks, a new patch is on the way out! Here’s what it contains:


  • Changed the color of the cursor on the 8-bit equipment menu to contrast better with the background
  • If you’re playing with a timer and use a cheat or take a map screenshot, a letter C will be appended to your time (indicating that a cheat was used)
  • Time spent in menus, dialogue and cutscenes is counted by the timer (only generation is excluded now)
  • Your final time, and the name of the ending, is now shown in the credits if you play story mode with the timer enabled
  • Added an easter egg

(Note that the timer still works by counting frames and dividing by the frame rate. It’ll still drift a bit versus a clock on your wall, but after discussion on Discord, it was determined that this was marginally better than people being able to game the system by forcing a low framerate.)


  • Fixed some challenges starting the player off with two bows
  • Fixed items hanging in the air if you pick up and throw a snail

Due to the timer-related changes, the challenge leaderboards will be wiped. Old scores will still be accessible by link, but will not be shown by default.

Update Plans

And we have more good news for you: a content update is coming this summer! Here’s what we’ve got planned for v1.1:

  • A “New Game+” mode
  • New enemies
  • New biomes
  • New items
  • Manual seed entry for challenges
  • Spoiler log generation (for story mode speedrunning)
  • Improved moddability

We have some huge surprises in store for you in the coming months, so follow us on twitter to stay tuned in, or join the discussion on Discord!