Update v0.15

December 19, 2019 in Announcements by Tom

Hi folks!

Beta testers have access to the v0.15 build now. Follow the instructions here to get it.

Here’s what’s new:

  • A brand new soundtrack by Joel, which comes in 32-bit and 8-bit variants!
  • The lighter can now be used to perform a rocket dash (see the gif above)
  • The Missinglasses puzzle in the Palace has been partially redesigned
  • An extra stage has been added to one of the final bosses

    Delvin has a new final form

  • Skeleton warriors now spawn in a few places outside of the Palace
  • 64-bit Windows builds are now provided, which should fix a crash reported by a few users on Discord
  • And a ton of other miscellaneous fixes and improvements…

Save files from 0.14 will continue to work in this update, but note that maps generated by 0.14 may lack music. For the intended experience with all the new music you should create a new save file.

Join us on Discord to talk about this update! Beta testers, please remember to keep discussion of spoilers to the #beta-testing channel!

For now, this build is only available to our existing beta testers. But you can wishlist the game on Steam to get notified when it releases. Beta testers can join our Discord server to request Steam keys.

Press, streamers and youtubers can email press@bytten-studio.com to be put on a list for preview access.