Lenna’s Inception

Adventurer Lenna sets out on a quest to hunt down the Archangel that disembowelled her bright young students. Armed with discarded weaponry, divine artifacts, and blood-thirsty pets, she soon becomes mankind’s only hope for survival.

Lenna’s Inception is an action-adventure game with procedurally generated locations. It has a Gameboy-like aesthetic and a top-down view. The gameplay consists of action-driven combat segments, seeking out new items and upgrades, and solving simple puzzles.

“Somewhere between the kitten battle and the war of the chickens, it got me. And I love it. I absolutely love it.” — review by FullyAvenged.


  • Huge procedurally generated world, different every time you play
  • 8 permadeath challenges with an online leaderboard
  • Pets that offer to fight alongside you with their own AI
  • Beautiful Game Boy-style pixel art with occasional gory scenes
  • Meaningful narrative (under development)
  • Chiptune soundtrack composed by Warfreak2


Early Access

This is an Early Access title! That means things will be broken from time to time and many of the most interesting features haven’t been finished yet. If you don’t like that, please wait for its release at the end of the year before buying.

The game is $5.99 while it’s in beta (approximately £4.00 GBP).

System requirements

  • Windows / Mac / Linux
  • Oracle JRE 7
  • 4GB+ RAM
  • Dual Core 2GHz+ CPU


06 01