When a great evil befalls the kingdom, only Lance, renowned Hero of Fortitude, can save t̷̛̠▜̴͈̔▕̴͜͝▯̴̳̈́░̷̪͗▚̷̪̆▒̸̣̓ Now Lance is dead, and the fate of the world rests in the hands of his tutor, Lenna. But something seems odd about the hero’s orders, not to mention the stranger providing them… This is wrong. This wasn’t meant to ḥ̵͂a̷̝͂p̷͚͑▖̷̈́͜ȩ̸̀ṋ̷̌▟̵̧̅▒̸̠̌▎̶͇̋ Abort, Retry, Ignore, Fail?i

Help me Lance… Please help me! I fear for my kingdom.

Lenna’s Inception is an action-adventure RPG in development by Bytten Studio. When the legendary hero boy dies during a tutorial, Lenna must pick up the mantle to save the world—and her students—from a megalomaniac banker. The game combines a branching storyline, advanced procedural generation, multiple boss forms, and an alternative art pack to ensure that every playthrough is different.

Team up with a friend in local multiplayer. No friends? No problem. Lenna’s Inception has a pet system—several fearsome companions are available to thorough explorers.
Play again. With two graphical styles, multiple endings, and alternative boss forms, you won’t see everything in a single playthrough. Thanks to the game’s advanced procedural generation, locations feel fresh each time you play.
Challenge yourself with alternative game modes. Speed-run dungeons with no sword, or with only three hearts, or without taking a single hit… And share an abridged GIF of your playthrough on the leaderboards afterwards!

This game is in development

Lenna’s Inception is currently in a public beta phase! That means things are broken from time to time and many of the most interesting features haven’t been finished yet. If you’re not sure, please wait for its full release before buying!

Current state of the beta:

✅ GBC-like graphics
❌ GBA-like graphics (WIP)
✅ Two-player local co-op
✅ Eight procedurally-generated dungeons
✅ Large procedural overworld
❌ Eight dungeon bosses (4/8 implemented)
❌ Three final bosses (0/3 implemented)
❌ Three story endings (0/3 implemented)
✅ Permadeath challenge modes