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Here is how to get the latest version:

If you bought it on

If you use the itch client you’ll get the update automatically. If not:

  • If you linked it to your account on, you can simply check your purchases page.
  • Otherwise, you can pick up the new download from the download link that was emailed to you after purchase.
  • If you’ve lost your download link, you can recover it here.

If you bought it on Humble

Updating save files

For bug fix updates (ones where the version number N in betaNx doesn’t change) your old save files should continue working.

It’s highly recommended that after loading your old save files, you go straight to the house of the ‘starving artists’ in the main village. The NPC in there will erase and then regenerate your maps without affecting your quest progress. This will help ensure you get all the new features and bug fixes in the update.

If you haven’t bought Lenna’s Inception yet

Want to give the game a try? There are two ways to get it right now:

Buy through

Buy through Humble