I squid you not

March 2, 2018 in Screenshots by Tom

Since our last post, we’ve been busy with a number of things!

Here’s a preview of subterranean squid ‘Tentaluchus,’ our newest boss:

You’ll find Tentaluchus in the dungeon where you get the bombs. You know the drill… 😉

The next boss we’re planning to tackle is the chairman. He’s the megalomaniac who kidnaps the prince in a crazy plot to take over the kingdom. He forms the first of the three final bosses.

In January we took a break from working on bosses, bug fixes and performance improvements to revisit the story and dialogue. It was well worth it — the new script provides much better characterization of all the main characters, and will deliver a more satisfying ending. I may have gone a bit mad with the puns though…

Paige (the librarian) is a real book-pun afficionado:

The NPCs in the Guild Bank are fond of finance puns too:

Everyone in the Chucklefish office is relieved I’ve found an outlet for my puns.

Finally, check out this cool new logo by Jay! You might have already spotted it in use on this website’s front page and itch.io.

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