Beta2 is live – New Shopkeeper!

July 16, 2014 in Announcements by Tom

Lenna’s Inception version 0.3 (beta2) is live. Get it from the usual place.

In order to find the new shopkeeper in a pre-existing save file, you’ll need to visit the starving artists’ house and talk to the NPC inside.

What’s new


  • A shop has been added. This can be found near the library and school. Regarding the items on sale:
    • The shirt will eventually be part of a trading side-quest.
    • The bicycle is not a real item yet.
    • A random pet is also on sale, which is not shown in the GIF below.


  • The school, library and the starving artists’ house are now situated nearer to each other. This will form the basis of the town.
  • The 0 Heart Challenge has been added.
  • A temporary option to rebind the controls to WASD,JKL has been added. This will be replaced when the proper keyboard configuration screens are added.
  • Larger amounts of money now sometimes appear as drops.
  • Icons have been added to the map screen for landmarks such as houses, the school and the library.
  • Permadeath story mode will now give you a different seed each time you retry.
  • The content of two of the missing library books has been added.

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed a bug causing the game to sometimes silently exit when pressing Esc on the map and quest screens.
  • Fixed a crash that occurred when switching to a different window, then switching back and immediately opening the save menu with Esc.
  • Fixed the crash occurring on Windows when talking to the developer NPC in the starving artists’ house.
  • The all-black full-screen bug on Windows 8 has been fixed.


  • Disabled the debug overlays activated by F7, F9, F10 keys when not in debug mode.
  • The ‘chaos’ parameter on the overworld areas immediately surrounding the school and library has been reduced. This means it is much less likely to be crowded with hazards such as water.
  • The right Shift key no longer works as an alias for Esc. (Both shift keys work the same way now.)
  • Lost books are now less common to make space for other drops in the future.
  • Pressing Shift on the inventory screen now displays the map screen. This is usable from controllers.
  • You can now see and read your found library books from your inventory.
  • On the map screen, the world map is now centered.
  • The order of challenges in the challenge menu has been reversed (an experiment to see if it makes certain challenges more popular).
  • Player and quest locations on map screens are easier to distinguish now.
  • The entrance to the old man’s office in the library is now more visible.
  • A textbox is displayed the first time the journal is opened to prompt the player to use the C button to view more information on a quest.
  • The map screen now makes beaten dungeons, entered dungeons and your next dungeon visually distinguishable. Other future dungeons are not shown.
  • The bat has been de-nerfed a bit.
  • Pets now run off the screen when low on health until all the enemies are gone.
  • Pets are now able to hop on water and double-jump over holes so they don’t commit suicide trying to get to you.
  • Level names are displayed half a second longer.
  • Ammunition item drops have been nerfed and now only give you two instead of eight. If you find yourself stuck in a challenge run, save & quit and then reload will restock bushes (as well as enemies) in your current level.