Bytten in Brighton

August 13, 2019 in Announcements by Tom

Hi folks!

So much has happened since our last blog post, so here goes. First of all, Jay and I left our jobs at Chucklefish, to work full time at our own company, Bytten Studio! Since then, we’ve moved to Brighton and we’ve been working hard (from the beach) to finish up Lenna’s Inception as soon as possible.

It’s overwhelming for me to think that this project has gone from a side project in my spare time to something I’d dedicate my career to, and I couldn’t have done it without the continuing interest from the fans and the game dev community alike. I hope you’re as eager to play it as we are to finish it!

With that said, in October beta owners will find that the 0.13 update has landed. You can look forward to:

  • All of the planned 11 bosses in the game
  • Significant story changes
  • A new, more realistic, CRT shader
  • The GBA-era graphics Jay has been working on

Since we now have all the beta testers we think we will need, we’ve decided to close the beta. If you read this and were hoping to get a copy, you can join the Lenna’s Inception Discord server to keep up to date with the latest info, or you can also follow Jay and myself on twitter.

Press, streamers and youtubers can email to be put on a list for preview access.

We have more to reveal over the next few months, but right now there’s a monstrous seagull sizing up my laptop. So, until next time!