Patch v0.13.2

October 24, 2019 in Announcements by Tom

A couple of patches have gone out to fix issues in the 0.13 update. To get the latest patch, beta owners should follow these instructions.


  • Fixed an error that always occurred after pizza delivery
  • Reduced the rate that screenshots of the game are taken at


  • Fixed pets not being able to pick up hearts sometimes
  • Fixed items (such as the sword) remaining in your hand after you’ve unequipped them
  • Fixed memories being usable outside of story mode
  • Fixed a world generation bug causing approximately 1 in 64 worlds to give you immediate access to the bridge from the start of the game
  • Fixed a difficult to reproduce crash on the map screen
  • Made swords able to destroy starfish
  • Made all shields able to reflect starfish
  • Made the player character strafe while the shield is in use