ScreenshotSaturday – Honoring Lovecraft

August 15, 2014 in Screenshots by Tom

As a bit of an aside before we get into the screenshots, I’ll be demoing Lenna’s Inception at the Cambridge Computer Museum next Friday for a BYOB retro videogame night. If you happen to be in Cambridge (England) on Friday, come along and share a beer with me! 🙂

78-preview 72-preview

Wednesday is the birthday of H.P. Lovecraft, author of “The Call of Cthulhu”! Here’s a Lovecraft-inspired cutscene I’ve been working on:

Translated from R’lyehian: “In his abode in Daevr, Death waits dreaming.”

It’s possible to beat the dungeons and work through the storyline out of sync and out of order, so I’ve scripted a slightly altered palace cutscene that takes place if you found the prince before he gets kidnapped:

It’s not Charles Darwin’s birthday for another 6 months, but I’ve also been working on pet evolution. Check out this evolved FriedChicken in action:

To be honest, calling this metamorphosis process “evolution” would not be a good way to honor Darwin.

I skipped writing a blog post last ScreenshotSaturday so I could get a bit more gamedev done. If you didn’t see me post last week’s screenshots on twitter or reddit, here they are!

Rupert the blacksmith

Archangel dialogue

Outsider scapegoating

The original shopkeeper and the corporate takeover

Road generation improvements

Roads use an improved pathing algorithm, which routes arounds obstacles, and generally only go to “interesting” landmarks. You’ll also no longer see sharp edges where the road goes under an object such as a bush. (Warning: the link below goes to a gigantic image.)