ScreenshotSaturday – New NPC race

August 1, 2014 in Screenshots by Tom

Quick reminder first: beta3 is available right now. Among other new features, it includes randomized potions and tunics. Go and download the update if you haven’t already!

Screenshot Saturday

If you’ve been collecting the lost library books, you might have noticed the title of one of the books hints at an intelligent race of bears. Although I haven’t written the content of the book yet, these bears are now wandering around in my development builds!

99 123

125 129

Something tragic happens while Lenna’s off hunting an Archangel:

121 133


The bear NPCs will be in beta4. The following screenshots are from features that just made it into beta3:

There’s a small amount of dialogue in the first four boss rooms:

135 137

And finally, here’s the game’s second cutscene: