Beta3 now available – potions, tunics, NPCs and the palace

July 31, 2014 in Announcements by Tom

Lenna’s Inception version 0.4 (beta3) is live. Get it from the usual place.

As per usual, in order to access most of the new features you’ll need to visit the starving artists’ house in the town and speak to the NPC inside to regenerate your maps. This won’t cause you to lose any progress.

What’s new


  • Randomized potions have been added. These potions have a variety of effects, not all beneficial. You can use potions in a number of ways:
    • Drop it on yourself to try out its effects and find out what it does. If you’re standing in the same place as your pet, you’ll both get the effect.
    • Throw it at a distant pet or enemy to grant that pet or enemy the potion’s effects.
    • Throw it at the ground to create a puddle. When any mob (enemy, pet or Lenna herself) walks over this potion, it’ll be granted the potion’s effects.
    • Launch a potion across the room with the bow (which does not require any arrows). This is often the most convenient way to deliver the potion to a pet that is standing next to you without also taking the effect yourself.


  • Rare alternative tunics have been added. When you find or buy one, you can equip it by choosing “Change Lenna’s Tunic” in the inventory screen. Like potions, these tunics are randomized and have effects on the player character, much like the potions.


  • The hammer can now be used as a weapon.
  • Randomized NPCs have been added to the “town” area. Some give you items, and some sell items, although most tell you the latest gossip.
  • The palace location has been added and is the first destination you must head to after the school (if you’re following the storyline, otherwise it’s optional).


  • The first four bosses in story mode now speak before attacking.
  • New music has been added to the palace location and the dungeons styled after abandoned buildings.


  • Using the bow while holding a pot or box no longer incorrectly launches a missile.
  • Glitched bushes now drop loot.
  • Fixed the witch boss taking double the intended hearts off the player.


  • The Tuna Tunic has been replaced with Fish Leather Shorts, which are always active regardless of which tunic you’re wearing.
  • Some items in the shop have been made cheaper.
  • Mr Cuddles attacks lower down the screen to hint at a better strategy.
  • Using the bow while holding a bomb to launch a missile no longer consumes an arrow (it only consumes the bomb).
  • On beaches, sand now appears behind other tiles instead of a blank white square. (In newly generated maps.)
  • The loading screen now more reliably displays when loading a map from disk is taking a while.
  • Monsters no longer spawn right on the edge of a screen or in front of a doorway.
  • Slimes are visible from a greater distance now.
  • Apples appear on the ground during the boss battle with Pacsnake to indicate where he is going next.
  • The witch boss’s movements are now less erratic.
  • Screen-shake has been added to explosions, the hammer, and when the knight boss runs into a wall.
  • The game over screen in permadeath games now offers quit (without saving the score or retrying) as an option.
  • The following enemies have been buffed:
    • Green wizards (3 hits with a steel sword, faster teleporting)
    • Ordinary knights (3 hits with a steel sword, more murderous AI)
    • Shielded knights (4 hits with a steel sword, even smarter AI)
  • The first three bosses you encounter have their movements slowed down by 25% to make entry to the game easier.