ScreenshotSaturday – Palaces, potions and misbehaving NPCs

July 25, 2014 in Screenshots by Tom


When the game starts, Lenna’s students are killed and she sets off to report this to the guards at the palace. Until now, the palace has only been mentioned in dialogue. Now it’s a real location.

It has the beginnings of an interior too.

Tunics and Potions

I mentioned the potion and tunic effect system I was working on last time. There are now 18 potions and 16 tunics!

There are several ways to use a potion. You can drop it, throw it, or if you have a bow, you can also fire it.

One of the effects is hallucination:

As a tunic, this spawn waves of enemies in the room. Firstly normal enemies, then bosses, and then finally several rounds of enemies buffed with potion effects. If you beat them all (which is probably impossible given how OP some of the buffed enemies are), you win some loot. But even if you don’t beat every wave, it’s still a great way to get some extra coins!

As a potion, it immediately fills the room you’re in with enemies.

You can only wear one tunic at a time, but you can quaff as many potions as you like. Combining effects is a great way to power yourself up. For instance, combining a fire potion with fire resistance can let you quickly clear a room of bushes and ice:

You can also power up your pets with potions:


NPCs now spawn about the town area. Most of these gossip, but a few will sell you rare items or give you something they found on the floor.

Some of them currently… ahem… misbehave. Combining procedural generation with AI and scripted behavior is quite hard!