Patch v1.0.4

January 18, 2020 in New Version by Tom

Hi folks!

If you missed it, Lenna’s Inception released on Steam yesterday for $9.99 / £7.19! If you buy it and enjoy it, please remember to leave a review on the store page — it would help us out inordinately, by proving our worth to the almightly Algorithm!

It’s now the day after release, and yep, that means it’s patch time! Lenna’s Inception might be a game about glitches, but some of them are unintended it seems…

Patch v1.0.4 Release Notes

  • Fixed a couple of ways cut-scenes could be interrupted by phone calls and pizza deliveries.
  • Fixed a bug that sometimes randomly returned control to the player during cut-scenes.
  • Fixed some items of the player’s weaponry unintentionally palette-swapping to match the currently-equipped tunic.

A few other issues have been reported to us on Discord — we’ll be addressing them in patches over the coming days.

And of course if you have an issue you would like to report to us, you can report it on our Discord server, or by email.

Frequently Asked Questions

I bought the game on a while ago, how can I get my Steam key?

We’ve had a few reports of users who have not been able to claim their Steam keys. We’re looking into the issue!

Edit: if you bought the game on during beta and are experiencing this issue claiming your key, you need to contact itch support.

How do I set up co-op?

Co-op has to first be enabled in Story Mode:

  1. Player 1 plays through the story until obtaining the Power of Fortitude (about halfway through the first dungeon, 5 minutes into the game).
  2. At that point, player 1 can exit the dungeon and enter the Shadow Temple, pictured below, which is always near the starting town.
  3. Inside the Shadow Temple, activate the altar. A short cut-scene will play out, and end by telling you to plug in a second controller.

You currently need two controllers attached regardless of whether player 1 is using the keyboard. This is something we’ll address in a patch.

How do I set up Steam’s Remote Play Together?

Steam’s new Remote Play Together feature allows you to stream your game to a friend to play “local co-op” remotely, over an Internet connection.

It currently seems like controller input is not being synced from the remote player correctly. We’re investigating the issue! For now, the remote player will need to be playing as player 1, with a keyboard, and the host will need to play as player 2, with a controller!