by Tom

Patch 1.1.3

October 3, 2020 in New Version by Tom

Hi folks! A new patch is rolling out with a handful of fixes. Here are the changes!


  • Fixed certain bosses ‘doubling up’ if you die and continue on their screen
  • Adjusted Santaquiel’s hurt frames
  • Fixed a softlock that can occasionally be caused by the dungeon generator putting a sokoban puzzle in a position that prevents completion
  • Made the Skullbeaks (birds) slightly less evil

If you’re wondering what happened to 1.1.2–that was a private build I sent out to a few people to help test some of these fixes.

That’s all for now. Take care!

by Tom

Patch v1.1.1

September 5, 2020 in New Version by Tom

Hi folks! On Monday we released the 1.1 update. We’ve had a few bug reports come back to us, so we’re rolling out a small patch to address them. Here are the changes!


  • Fixed Mallowmarrow (one of the cave minibosses) charging off the screen
  • Fixed a crash and potential script error / softlock in the perfect ending battle and the recurring glitchy dungeon miniboss fight
  • Fixed a graphical issue on one of the dungeon exteriors in the blossom biome

That’s all for now. Stay safe!

by Tom

Update 1.1 is out!

August 31, 2020 in Announcements, New Version by Tom

Hey everyone, the 1.1 update is rolling out, but it might take a couple of hours for certain stores/platforms to update. For a taste of what’s changed check out the new trailer above, otherwise read on!

New features:

  • Steam Input support, which should allow more different types of controllers to work with the game if you’re using Steam
  • New Game+ mode, which you’ll need to beat the game once using 1.1 to unlock (although you can do this with an old save file)
  • New biomes
  • New enemies & minibosses
  • New weapons
  • Spoiler log generation
  • Seeded challenge modes

Version 1.0.11 will continue to be available (but won’t be updated). On Steam, you can install this by switching to the “v1.0.x” branch. users can access it with the client, which lets you install any previous version.

If you don’t already have Lenna’s Inception you can get it on or on Steam! You may already have it if you bought the Bundle for Racial Justice and Equality!

To celebrate reaching 1.1, Joel Baylis, the composer on Lenna’s Inception (and our other game Cassette Beasts), has put together a guitar medley remixing the Lenna’s Inception soundtrack!

If you enjoyed that, you can get the soundtrack on Bandcamp or on Steam for approximately £5 / $5.99!

by Tom

Patch v1.0.11 & Cassette Beasts

June 14, 2020 in Announcements, New Version by Tom

Firstly, I want to give a big welcome to all the new players who picked up the game in the bundle for Racial Justice and Equality! The response to the bundle has been incredible, and I’m so proud that we were able to be part of it! Thank you for supporting the bundle!

The patch that went out just now (v1.0.11) is a small one. This update fixes the GIF upload feature on the arcade challenges. Apologies that this wasn’t fixed sooner–I only found out about it yesterday!

In case you missed it, we announced our new game Cassette Beasts last month. Some of you may have noticed hints about it in Lenna’s Inception, in the lead up to its announcement!

Cassette Beasts is a monster-collecting RPG where you transform into the monsters you collect, and then fuse with your companions to create combined forms! Check out the website and the trailer:

If you want to see for yourself how the monster fusions work, there’s a web-based demo over on!

The v1.1 update for Lenna’s Inception is coming along too. And–oh, what’s this? Are these monsters fusing? I wonder what else Cassette Beasts and Lenna’s Inception have in common… 🤔

Until next time!

by Tom

Patch v1.0.10

March 29, 2020 in New Version by Tom

Hi folks, hope you’re all keeping safe! I haven’t left my flat or spoken to another human being in two weeks, but there’s nothing new about that 🙂

Luckily, the way we prefer to work at Bytten Studio is remotely, so we’re still mostly unaffected at this stage. In fact we’ve been working on something very exciting that I hope will provide some of that positive news we all so desperately need. We’ll be sharing that with you soon!

In the meantime, patch v1.0.10 is on the way out. Here’s what it contains:


  • Removed a trademarked term from one of the books.
  • Fixed a cause of ever-growing memory usage. (And the memory limit has also been raised in case there are other ‘leaks’ that haven’t been reported yet.)
  • Fixed a crash that could occur if input rapidly oscillates while talking to a pet.
  • Fixed an exploit that would allow a player to clear the cheat-indicating ‘C’ next to their timer.

Update Plans

The v1.1 update we announced in the last post is still on the way and planned for this Summer. As a reminder, here are the features we have planned for it:

  • A “New Game+” mode
  • New enemies
  • New biomes
  • New items
  • Manual seed entry for challenges
  • Spoiler log generation (for story mode speedrunning)
  • Improved moddability

Many of these are already at least partially implemented! We’ll be sharing more details about them in a blog post prior to starting an open beta for the update in the Summer. Follow us on twitter to stay tuned in, or join the discussion on Discord!

by Tom

Patch v1.0.9

February 28, 2020 in New Version by Tom

Hi folks, a new patch is on the way out! Here’s what it contains:


  • Changed the color of the cursor on the 8-bit equipment menu to contrast better with the background
  • If you’re playing with a timer and use a cheat or take a map screenshot, a letter C will be appended to your time (indicating that a cheat was used)
  • Time spent in menus, dialogue and cutscenes is counted by the timer (only generation is excluded now)
  • Your final time, and the name of the ending, is now shown in the credits if you play story mode with the timer enabled
  • Added an easter egg

(Note that the timer still works by counting frames and dividing by the frame rate. It’ll still drift a bit versus a clock on your wall, but after discussion on Discord, it was determined that this was marginally better than people being able to game the system by forcing a low framerate.)


  • Fixed some challenges starting the player off with two bows
  • Fixed items hanging in the air if you pick up and throw a snail

Due to the timer-related changes, the challenge leaderboards will be wiped. Old scores will still be accessible by link, but will not be shown by default.

Update Plans

And we have more good news for you: a content update is coming this summer! Here’s what we’ve got planned for v1.1:

  • A “New Game+” mode
  • New enemies
  • New biomes
  • New items
  • Manual seed entry for challenges
  • Spoiler log generation (for story mode speedrunning)
  • Improved moddability

We have some huge surprises in store for you in the coming months, so follow us on twitter to stay tuned in, or join the discussion on Discord!

by Tom

Patch v1.0.8

February 3, 2020 in New Version by Tom

Hi folks, a new patch is on the way out! Here’s what it contains:


  • Made the Tab Left / Tab Right buttons (used in the inventory) configurable.


  • Fixed co-op players getting stuck off-screen when jumping a ledge on the edge of the screen
  • Fixed the dungeon generator sometimes failing to place item checks–this caused for instance, the seed ‘Agulo’ to allow you to simply walk out through the screen where Lance dies, and skip it entirely.
  • Fixed one of the endings giving back control to the player without the ability to warp or save.
  • Adjusted some dialogue that occurs at certain times if you have memory #7 but not the others.
  • Fixed Blast Protection tunics and potions not protecting the player from bomb-arrow explosions.
  • Fixed the coins display on the inventory being hidden off-screen in ultrawide resolutions.
  • Prevented use of memories during certain end-of-game moments when using them breaks things.
  • Fixed dead players (in co-op) picking up items.
  • Fixed Archangel Headraniel getting stuck if you throw him too soon.
  • Fixed the I AM ERROR challenge not being glitched.

In other news, the Chairman seems to have set up his own twitter account!

by Tom

Patch v1.0.7

January 28, 2020 in New Version by Tom

Hi folks, a new patch is on the way out! Here’s what it contains:


  • Added an optional in-game timer to story mode to aid with speedrunning. See below for details
  • Made the positions and types of enemies spawned by the hallucination potion deterministic. On the same screen and the same seed, the same enemies will always spawn in the same positions


  • A few users have reported an inability to launch the game on their machine. I’ve made some internal changes to the way the game starts that will hopefully resolve the issue, or if not, to at least log some additional information that will help track down the cause of the problem
  • Fixed the cave music not looping correctly in 32-bit mode
  • Fixed the perfect ending final boss fight locking up if you go into it with the hover effect on
  • Black bars are now drawn along the side of the screen in ultrawide resolutions to avoid spoiling the locations of hidden rooms
  • Fixed out-of-date dialogue in the Hallucinatory Battle Arena — there are 9 rounds, not 11
  • Fixed a certain item breaking when using speedrun tricks to skip memory cutscenes


  • Fixed a dungeon generator bug that caused water to sometimes be placed on the edge of a screen where you’re not guaranteed to have the swimming shorts, potentially causing the player to be trapped there until death
  • Fixed the temporary files the game creates not getting erased on Windows
  • Removed an unintentionally bombable wall from a certain secret area

About the new story mode timer

Story mode has a new timer that can be enabled in the options screen. This was provided for players who want to speed run the story, but exclude the time spent generating maps from their time.

There are a few caveats about what specifically it includes and excludes to be aware of:

  1. The timer excludes time spent generating maps
  2. The timer is actually counting frames instead of time, so you might notice some drift versus wall-clock time
  3. The timer excludes time spent in menus, dialogs and the map
  4. Despite excluding the time spent in dialogs, it still includes time spent in cutscenes (however cutscenes are generally independent of player input so this won’t affect relative rankings, etc.)
  5. It doesn’t currently record your time upon completion of the game, but this is something we can add in future. For now you’ll need to make a note of your time yourself

Depending on feedback, we’ll make further improvements to it in future.

If you’re interested in speed running Lenna’s Inception, join our Discord server! There’s a lot of discussion around its speedrun potential right now, among other topics.

That’s all for now!

by Tom

Patch v1.0.6

January 24, 2020 in New Version by Tom

Hey everyone!

We’ve got a patch rolling out tonight with a ton of bug fixes and quality-of-life improvements!


  • We’ve added a ‘Multiplayer’ menu option to Story Mode. This menu option lets you assign controllers to player characters. If you haven’t yet unlocked multiplayer it gives you a quest that will walk you through it
  • All arcade challenges now start with the bicycle
  • Done a thing to two of the bosses

    Made sparing Sandolphin and Delvin less awkward, and more like the other bosses: bring them down to their last hit point and then use the Power of Compassion

  • The summary card for arcade challenge GIFs has been polished
  • Removed the hovering effect from the blue, exploding, on-fire buff combo used on the final dungeon’s minibosses and late-game cave monsters
  • Whirligigs no longer receive buffs in miniboss rooms and caves
  • Shortened the hallucination tunic minigame and made it more challenging


  • Fixed inability to enter a certain area during multiplayer

    The palace, via the sewer

  • Fixed the incorrect functioning of a certain end-game item during multiplayer


  • Fixed the inability to launch the game under the Turkish locale
  • Fixed the overflow in the slot machines minigame
  • Fixed the inability to use potions on a dead player in multiplayer
  • Fixed a certain boss’s projectiles launching early if you pause while they’re spawning

    The Chairman’s bulls

  • Fixed a certain boss’s projectile homing in forever on a dead player (in multiplayer)

    The Chairman’s Cashmehameha

  • Removed the unused inventory slot
  • Fixed spurious yellow dots in hidden cave rooms
  • Fixed music sometimes stopping if you use a particular item in a particular location

    The missinglasses, in Glitch City

  • Fixed a few stray pixels in some animations on Shadow Lenna’s sprite
  • Fixed the incorrect description of the marshmallow quest
  • Fixed the UI locking up while processing newly-recorded arcade challenge GIFs
  • Fixed library books flipping 2 pages at a time if you bind the movement controls to the same keys as menu controls
  • Fixed text entry breaking if you bind pause and/or cancel to alphanumeric keys

What’s next?

We’re planning a few more fixes and improvements, including, in a few months, an update with new modes, manual challenge seeds, and a couple of additions to story mode.

If you’ve completed the game already and are wondering what to do now, join our Discord server! We have ongoing discussions of (safely spoiler-tagged) secrets, speedrun strategies, interesting seeds, and a few initial forays into modding!

As always, if you enjoy our game, please consider leaving a review on the store page!

by Tom

Patch v1.0.5

January 20, 2020 in New Version by Tom

Hi folks,

Here are the release notes for the small patch that went out just now.

  • Fixed one of the final bosses dying instantly if you run into him at the right time.

    Chairman G/Mammon

  • Fixed the map generator sometimes putting cave ladders in the way of dungeon entrances.
  • Fixed a generator bug that created dungeons that can’t be completed due to blocked pathways.
  • Removed a particularly annoying section of the Goldilocks stealth side-quest.
  • Removed the “I AM ERROR” mode from circulation in the daily seed, and made general improvements to the daily seed’s ruleset randomisation.
  • The locations of NPCs who trade with you are now shown on the map screen (in newly-created files).
  • I’ve also made some experimental changes that should hopefully help with the memory leak that reportedly happens after 6 hours of continuous playing.

More fixes and quality of life improvements are planned for this week — I just wanted to make sure these critical ones got out there first!

If you have an issue you would like to report to us, you can report it on our Discord server, or by email.