Patch v1.0.6

January 24, 2020 in New Version by Tom

Hey everyone!

We’ve got a patch rolling out tonight with a ton of bug fixes and quality-of-life improvements!


  • We’ve added a ‘Multiplayer’ menu option to Story Mode. This menu option lets you assign controllers to player characters. If you haven’t yet unlocked multiplayer it gives you a quest that will walk you through it
  • All arcade challenges now start with the bicycle
  • Done a thing to two of the bosses

    Made sparing Sandolphin and Delvin less awkward, and more like the other bosses: bring them down to their last hit point and then use the Power of Compassion

  • The summary card for arcade challenge GIFs has been polished
  • Removed the hovering effect from the blue, exploding, on-fire buff combo used on the final dungeon’s minibosses and late-game cave monsters
  • Whirligigs no longer receive buffs in miniboss rooms and caves
  • Shortened the hallucination tunic minigame and made it more challenging


  • Fixed inability to enter a certain area during multiplayer

    The palace, via the sewer

  • Fixed the incorrect functioning of a certain end-game item during multiplayer


  • Fixed the inability to launch the game under the Turkish locale
  • Fixed the overflow in the slot machines minigame
  • Fixed the inability to use potions on a dead player in multiplayer
  • Fixed a certain boss’s projectiles launching early if you pause while they’re spawning

    The Chairman’s bulls

  • Fixed a certain boss’s projectile homing in forever on a dead player (in multiplayer)

    The Chairman’s Cashmehameha

  • Removed the unused inventory slot
  • Fixed spurious yellow dots in hidden cave rooms
  • Fixed music sometimes stopping if you use a particular item in a particular location

    The missinglasses, in Glitch City

  • Fixed a few stray pixels in some animations on Shadow Lenna’s sprite
  • Fixed the incorrect description of the marshmallow quest
  • Fixed the UI locking up while processing newly-recorded arcade challenge GIFs
  • Fixed library books flipping 2 pages at a time if you bind the movement controls to the same keys as menu controls
  • Fixed text entry breaking if you bind pause and/or cancel to alphanumeric keys

What’s next?

We’re planning a few more fixes and improvements, including, in a few months, an update with new modes, manual challenge seeds, and a couple of additions to story mode.

If you’ve completed the game already and are wondering what to do now, join our Discord server! We have ongoing discussions of (safely spoiler-tagged) secrets, speedrun strategies, interesting seeds, and a few initial forays into modding!

As always, if you enjoy our game, please consider leaving a review on the store page!