Patch v1.0.5

January 20, 2020 in New Version by Tom

Hi folks,

Here are the release notes for the small patch that went out just now.

  • Fixed one of the final bosses dying instantly if you run into him at the right time.

    Chairman G/Mammon

  • Fixed the map generator sometimes putting cave ladders in the way of dungeon entrances.
  • Fixed a generator bug that created dungeons that can’t be completed due to blocked pathways.
  • Removed a particularly annoying section of the Goldilocks stealth side-quest.
  • Removed the “I AM ERROR” mode from circulation in the daily seed, and made general improvements to the daily seed’s ruleset randomisation.
  • The locations of NPCs who trade with you are now shown on the map screen (in newly-created files).
  • I’ve also made some experimental changes that should hopefully help with the memory leak that reportedly happens after 6 hours of continuous playing.

More fixes and quality of life improvements are planned for this week — I just wanted to make sure these critical ones got out there first!

If you have an issue you would like to report to us, you can report it on our Discord server, or by email.